What types of high heels to wear while attending job interview


woman sitting

As we all know we cannot take risk in choosing the outfit to wear while attending a job interview. We have to create the best impression with our dressing in addition to the performance in the interview. Your choice of high heels play an important role in walking into the interview room with confidence. Read below to find out what are the types of heels to wear while going for the much awaited interview.

1      Classic black high heel pumps

Black leather high heel pumps are classic choice while attending job interview. Nobody will raise any eye brows if you walk into the interview room with a pair of well polished leather pumps at your feet.

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Types of high heels to wear while driving


If you prefer to drive in heels, you may need to take certain precautions while driving. In general, avoid driving if you are wearing high heels which are taller than your natural heel height. Another general point is, if you find it difficult to walk comfortably and fast enough in a particular pair of your high heels, avoid driving in them. Also if you are not confident enough to drive in a particular pair of shoes, drive slowly for a few days till you gain confidence in driving in those shoes. Here we are discussing the types of high heels you can wear while driving, subject to your personal confidence level in those heels. (Note: This article applies to you only if you are in a location where driving in high heels is legally permissible.)


1      Prefer wedge heels

Wedge high heels with your natural heel height or lesser is an ideal choice for driving if you prefer to drive in high heels. You would be able to rest your heel on the floor of the car and comfortably control the pedals. Wedge heels, in general, will have broader base unlike stilettos. This will make them more comfortable for you to rest your feet on while driving. Most of the time only one pedal will be in action, and you may need to rest your other foot comfortably. Fully covered wedge shoes or wedge sandals with back strap as well, are good choices in this case.

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Types of high heels to wear while going on honeymoon trip


Honeymoon trip is an occasion in which the partners would (and should, in fact) try to be as attractive as possible to each other. High heels play a big role in making the female attractive to her partner. But all types of heels cannot play that role during a honeymoon trip. Here we are discussing the types of high heels you can wear to make you more attractive to your partner and also to be more comfortable roaming around in them.


1      Prefer high heel sandals to closed shoes

If weather allows, go for high heel sandals than fully closed shoes. Sandals expose the beauty of your feet and also the painted toe nails. During honeymoon trip you don’t need to hesitate to flaunt the beautifully painted toe nails, of course! And if any art work is done on your feet (like mehendi or tattoo) you can flaunt them as well.

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How to walk up the stairs in high heels


Walking in high heels up the stairs is tricky. Walking on flat surfaces in heels in itself is not so easy. So definitely much more care need to be taken while you climb up the staircase in heels. In general, you need to use hand rails while in heels when walking up the stairs. Another general point is to place only the ball of the foot on the step while going up the staircase in heels (while coming down it is different). There are exceptions, of course, when wearing different types of heels. Here we are discussing what are the specific points you need bear in mind when in different types of heels and going up.


1      Wearing ultra high stilettos

Wearing ultra high heels and that too stilettos is less stable, so extra care is required. If your calf muscles (especially Achilles tendon) and foot muscles (Plantar fascia) are not strong enough, the situation could be worse. This is because the heel of the shoe may move down very much when it is hanging over the step, in this case. Remember you are placing only the ball of the foot on the staircase step when going up. The heel going down is ok to a bit. But if the heel tip goes much lower, it may lock the shoe to the step temporarily and prevent the free movement of your foot. It can even make you stumble. If the height difference between two steps of the staircase is very less, you can place the entire shoe on the steps to climb.

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How to run in high heels without falling down


There may be situations wherein you may need to run in high heels. This may happen while trying to catch a train or running after your kid or trying to escape from something. In those circumstances it is not enough being able to walk very well in high heels. Rather you may need to run in them, and that too very fast at times. Here we are discussing how you can run in your high heels without falling down and that too without causing much damage to your shoes.

1      Maintain your proper posture

Before starting running stand up straight and place your hands about 6 centimeter (2.4 inch) away from both of your sides. You can point your palms to the floor and flex your fingers horizontal to the floor. Keep your neck and shoulders up. Shoulders should be slightly backwards (but overall body forward). Your stomach a little tensed up, not fully relaxed. Your butt too. Avoid looking at the ground right in front of you, unless absolutely necessary. Looking the ground will make your head turning down and will push your stomach back and make your back slouch. Your posture will be ruined and you would not be properly balanced in this case. So look ahead.

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This is how to maintain your leather high heels


High heels, especially leather heels can be quite expensive. So it’s always worth taking the extra effort to maintain them properly. Moreover leather can get damaged faster if not maintained properly. There are of course different ways to take care of high heels. However taking good care of leather high heels is different from maintaining other types of heels. Here we are discussing what are the steps you can undertake to maintain your fabulous leather high heels to make them last long like brand new. Better heels give the well deserved facelift for your feet every time you wear them!

1      Always keep them clean

The most important step in maintaining your heels is to keep them clean. Though we all know this, most of us don’t put much effort to keep our shoes clean. Even if our shoes catch some dust or dirt we don’t care much, especially when they are not so visible. But this habit is the worst enemy of our high heels. You can use a soft brush to remove all the dust and dirt from them. Then clean them with a damp cloth. You can also use vinegar to clean leather shoes. Put a few drops of vinegar in a cotton cloth wipe the heels with the cloth. You may need to do the cleaning every day when you are back home.

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How to stand when you are in high heels


If you happen to stand for the whole day while wearing high heels, it could be stressful for your feet. In such circumstances you may need to take the following precautions to prevent foot pain as well as damage to your fabulous high heels. If you have foot pain at the end of the day you can very well relieve the foot pain after getting back home.

1      Keep your feet shoulder distance apart

Keeping your feet at shoulder distance apart provides comfort to your legs and especially your feet. This is the most stable and comfortable posture when you stand at ease. In this posture there will be minimal lateral pressure on your feet and high heels.

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Buying ‘foot-friendly’ high heels – full guide


Wearing high heels is a fashion statement. Of course there are compelling reasons for being in heels which can even help grow your career. Though there are several advantages for high heels, you may need to take some precautions to ensure that they are friendly to your feet. Here we are discussing how we can go about it.


1      Select best-fitting high heel

We all know that we have to find out the best fitting shoes for our feet. But the moment we find something really fashionable, comfort and right fit takes back seat. Sacrificing on fitting and comfort for fashion is the biggest pitfall we all fall into from time to time. So selecting the best-fitting high heel is a point worth mentioning again and again! By using certain techniques, you can very well find if a particular pair of heels are right fit for you.

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How to sit when wearing high heels


There are many discussions on how to walk when wearing high heels. But there are very less discussions on how to sit when in heels. Lot of precautions need to be taken when sitting while wearing heels. This is to prevent damage to your fabulous high heels as well as to protect your feet. Here we are discussing some of the ways you can sit when you are adorning your feet with great high heels.

1      Sit with legs crossed

It is very difficult keep your feet in a slanting position while sitting, especially when you are wearing ultra high heels. But if you are crossing one of your legs over the other you would feel more comfortable. The foot which is on the floor would be pressed down and would be more stable. Moreover you would be able to move the crossed leg freely and relax. You can also do some mild stretching exercise for the foot when you are sitting with one leg crossing over the other. Medical tip: Sitting cross legged for a long time in a stretch may not be good for your spine. So alternate between sitting crossing the legs and without. You can also take a short walk in between if you choose.

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Most suitable high heels for walking


High heels catapult yourself into a higher orbit in terms of style quotient. The reasons for wearing high heels are many including boosting your career growth. However all types of high heels may not be giving you the same kind of freedom and comfort to your feet while walking. Here we are discussing the types of heels which are most suitable for you if your day involves largely walking.

1      Prefer heels with your natural heel height or lesser

Walking would be straining your feet a lot if you wear high heels with heel height greater than your natural heel height. If your day involves largely sitting taller high heels may not be much of a problem. So it is worthwhile to measure your natural heel height and stay within that limit.

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Suitable high heels if you are sitting for most of the time


Women have right reasons for wearing high heels, especially because heels can even boost your career growth. Having said this, wearing heels taller than your natural heel height on a regular basis can cause foot pain. Of course you can prevent foot pain by taking certain precautions and you can relieve the pain if it happens. Here we are discussing some of the types of high heels if your day involves sitting for most of the time.

1      Stilettos

Stilettos are highly attractive, but are less stable while walking. So these heels are very much suitable for those occasions when you are mostly supposed to sit. Stilettos make you look very lean and tall. You will look much taller than the height you gained due to the high heels. You will look more elegant.

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Types of high heels to wear if standing for the whole day


High heels enhance your style quotient, there is no doubt about it. High heels can boost your career growth as well. However if you end up standing for the whole day, you may need to choose your high heels a bit carefully. Here we are discussing some of the types of high heels you may wear on such occasions. This may help to prevent foot pain as well.


1      Prefer chunky (thicker) heel

Chunky heels give better stability for your high heels. This will reduce lateral pressure on your feet while standing. You would feel more comfortable in your heels if thicker heels are chosen.

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How to be more stable in your high heels


Smart ladies loves to wear high heels, of course due to right reasons. As you are aware, high heels can even boost your career growth. Even though high heels have so many advantages like this, being in high heels is not as easy as being in flat shoes. Decreased stability is one of the side effects of wearing high heels. Here we are discussing how we can be more stable and at the same time not compromising on style, when in high heels.


1      Have a thicker heel – the more narrow the heel, the more unstable

Thicker (chunky) heel enhances stability significantly. Narrow heels may be lesser stable than heels which have broader base. You can even go for wedge heels. However, since the wedge high heels are not flexible you may find it less comfortable to take walks in them unless they are slip-on wedge sandals.

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How to choose formal high heels

How to choose formal high heels

Wearing high heels to work definitely enhances your professional look. At the same time, does every type of high heels do this value addition to your professional attire? The answer is both yes and no. It largely depends on the work environment of the organization you work with. Here we are discussing some of the types of high heels which can significantly enhance your professional look.

1      Black leather pumps

These are classic work shoes. If you are having any doubt on which type of heels are suitable in particular environment, you can go for a pair of black leather stiletto pumps. Nobody will raise any eyebrows on the suitability this type of heels in office irrespective of the work culture of the company.

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Why wearing flat shoes can damage your feet

Wearing flat shoes can damage feet

Killer heels have a bad reputation. High heels are often blamed for creating problems such as foot pain, toe deformities, Achilles tendonitis etc. But did you ever know that flat shoes can be really damaging for your feet? Here we are discussing some of the reasons why flat shoes are causing damage to your feet.

1      Lack of arch support

This is the single most important problem in flat shoes. 90% of the flat shoes in the market for women are having absolutely zero arch support. If the shoe does not have arch support you may try to use some shoe inserts to get adequate arch support.

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High Heels or Flat Shoes – which to go for?

woman-in-white-dress-high-heels-3High heels or flat shoes? This is a question which comes to every modern woman’s mind daily morning. Is there a straight answer to this question? Unfortunately NO! There are plus points and minus points for both types of shoes. It is important to look at what type of activity you are going to undertake on that day, to decide which type of shoes to go for. Depending on the activity you undertake different aspects take priority.

1      Stability – flat shoes and medium heels

In terms of stability, flat shoes and medium heels may be scoring higher than high heels but there are more stable high heels as well. If you are looking for a great amount of stability in a particular day, you can go for flat shoes on that day. Medium heels are also relatively stable, especially the wedge heels.

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Type of high heels to wear while meeting clients


If your work involves meeting clients, at your office or client’s office, on a regular basis, you may need to choose your high heels more carefully. Definitely high heels can boost your career growth and get new business as well if you get your choice of heels right. Here we are discussing the types of high heels you can wear while heading for a client meeting.

1      Prefer formal black pumps

Formal black pumps are the classic high heels which you can wear to any business environment. If you are confused on which type of heels to wear, these are the ones to go for when you are set to meet clients. You will be the most confident in black leather pumps when you meet the client.
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How to prevent foot pain due to high heels


High heels enhances your style quotient multiple times in no time. However, if you are wearing heels on a regular basis it can lead to foot pain and other problems. If you are wearing ultra high heels even one day, it may lead to foot pain. So do you need to go back to flat shoes to prevent foot pain? No, the good news is – you don’t need to give-up high heels altogether to prevent foot pain. Only thing is that you need to choose some foot friendly high heels. Read below some of the guidelines you may keep in mind while choosing high heels while stepping out.


1      Wear right size high heels

Wearing the high heels of right size is the single most important step to prevent foot pain. If you are wearing a wrong size it can even affect your walking and posture as well. Wrong size heels can cause injury and may be even long term damage to your feet. So always resist to temptation to buy wrong size high heels however fashionable they may be!

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What type of high heels to wear while attending business conference

High heels for business conference

Wearing high heels to a business conference enhances your professional look. It also adds value in networking with other attendees of the conference. As you are aware, there are compelling reasons for wearing high heels, and the heels can even boost your career growth. Having said this, we may need to strike a balance between being fashionable and being elegant when in a conference. Here we are discussing the types of high heels you can wear when you are heading to a business conference.

1      Black pumps

Black leather pumps are the classic business high heels. You will look the most elegant in them, without doubt. Wearing the pumps of your natural heel height will make you the most comfortable while walking around and networking during the conference.

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How to measure your ‘natural’ heel height

How to find out 'natural' heel height

Women love to wear high heels, of course due to obvious reasons. The ubiquitous high heels can even boost your career growth. However it is not always comfortable to be in heels especially when the heel height is more. So, is there a magic formula to find out the heel height you would be most comfortable with and natural? Here we are discussing a method by which you can measure your ‘natural’ heel height.

Back ground

Depending on several factors including the shape of your foot, flexibility, arch height, length etc., your foot has a particular natural incline while in a state of rest. If this is measured, can indicate which heel height would feel most natural and comfortable for you. If you are wearing a pair of heels of ‘natural’ heel height, you would definitely be more comfortable because your feet are at their natural incline and not excessively strained.

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How to clean high heels properly

How to clean high heels

Wearing high heels definitely has advantages. High heels can even boost your career growth. But these advantages are diminished if the high heels are dirty. Wearing not-so-clean high heels can put you in bad light. So cleaning and maintaining high heels properly and that too on a regular basis gives you the natural advantages which comes with heels.

We are discussing some of the steps you can undertake to clean and maintain different types of high heels.

1      Cleaning leather high heels

Process 1

Wipe the high heels with a dry wiping cloth to remove dirt and mud, if any, from the surface of the leather.

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10 Best practices for wearing high heels

10 Best practices for wearing high heels

Wearing high heels is a fashion statement. Definitely there are compelling reasons to wear heels and high heels can even help boost your career growth. At the same time wearing them everyday can cause some problems as well. Here we are discussing some of the best practices for wearing high heels.

1      Wear only right size high heels

This is probably the single most important aspect in wearing high heels. Many times we are tempted to buy some fashionable heels even when the right size is not available in the store at that moment. Wearing the wrong size heels can cause lot of problems for your feet, such as deformed toes, cuts and bruises etc. There are different ways to verify if you are wearing the right size heels. In case any of your shoes are found to be of wrong size, feel free to keep them aside irrespective of how fashionable they are.

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Make old high heels look new


It is easy to have a good collection of high heels. But if they are not taken care of properly, it may get damaged or at least look really boring. Luckily there are ways to make our old high heels look new. Splits, chips, scuffs, scrapes and rips are common high heel problems that can all be rectified at home. By following some simple steps you can give an old pair of heels a loving little face lift.

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How to relieve foot pain from wearing high heels


Yes there are compelling reasons to wear high heels. However, if you are wearing high heels every day, especially 4 inch heels and above, it may create some problems as well. One of such problems is foot pain. Here we are discussing how we can relieve foot pain after you have worn the high heels all day long.

High Heels

1      Sit on bed and pull back toes

Sit in your bed with your legs stretched forward. Then use your hands to gently pull back toes until stretch is felt throughout the bottom of the foot. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this 3-5 times on each foot.

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How to be more comfortable in High Heels


Women love to wear high heels, of course due to the right reasons. At the same time it is not always comfortable to walk in high heels. This is especially true when you wear 4 inch or higher heels or walk for an extended duration. Here we are discussing what you can do to be more comfortable high heels.

1     Pick the right pair of high heels

Firstly, the most important factor when purchasing high heels is the fit. The fit is critical. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous they are, buying a pair of shoes which is one size too small or too big is a big mistake. You won’t feel or look comfortable and it’s not worth the pain. The size is simply indisputable. Continue reading