How to be more stable in your high heels



Smart ladies loves to wear high heels, of course due to right reasons. As you are aware, high heels can even boost your career growth. Even though high heels have so many advantages like this, being in high heels is not as easy as being in flat shoes. Decreased stability is one of the side effects of wearing high heels. Here we are discussing how we can be more stable and at the same time not compromising on style, when in high heels.


1      Have a thicker heel – the more narrow the heel, the more unstable

Thicker (chunky) heel enhances stability significantly. Narrow heels may be lesser stable than heels which have broader base. You can even go for wedge heels. However, since the wedge high heels are not flexible you may find it less comfortable to take walks in them unless they are slip-on wedge sandals.

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