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There are many discussions on how to walk when wearing high heels. But there are very less discussions on how to sit when in heels. Lot of precautions need to be taken when sitting while wearing heels. This is to prevent damage to your fabulous high heels as well as to protect your feet. Here we are discussing some of the ways you can sit when you are adorning your feet with great high heels.

1      Sit with legs crossed

It is very difficult keep your feet in a slanting position while sitting, especially when you are wearing ultra high heels. But if you are crossing one of your legs over the other you would feel more comfortable. The foot which is on the floor would be pressed down and would be more stable. Moreover you would be able to move the crossed leg freely and relax. You can also do some mild stretching exercise for the foot when you are sitting with one leg crossing over the other. Medical tip: Sitting cross legged for a long time in a stretch may not be good for your spine. So alternate between sitting crossing the legs and without. You can also take a short walk in between if you choose.

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2      Avoid pivoting the shoes on heel tip

Pivoting the high heels on heel tip is one of the ‘hobbies’ of the ladies who wear heels even while standing! But this can damage the heel tip and eventually reduce the stability of the high heels. Women do it mainly to give some stretching to feet which are a bit constrained when in heels. But you can very well do this stretching even without pivoting the shoes on heel tip. So as far as possible we should try to avoid pivoting the heels on heel tip.

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3      Take off the shoes if situations permit

While sitting you can take off the heels and relax your feet. This may not be possible in all circumstances especially when you are in public place. But this is quite possible when you are at your desk or cabin in your office. You can work and relax your feet at the same time! This will help reduce any residual stress in your feet.

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4      Avoid exerting lateral pressure on shoes

Pushing the high heels on the floor laterally, when you are sitting or otherwise, can cause damage to your fabulous heels. Even though the damage is not visible outside initially, it can eventually break the shoes. The extent of damage would depend of the type of shoes. Delicate fashion high heels may suffer deeper damage and that too faster. However the shoes which are designed for daily use may not get damaged so easily. As a thumb rule it’s always a good idea to avoid exerting unnecessary lateral pressure on your high heels.

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5      Stretch and rotate feet

Sitting is the time when you can do some mild stretching and exercise for your feet. Rotating your foot, may be while crossing the legs, is very good to relieve residual stress from your ankles and soles. You can do this by taking off the shoes or even with wearing them. If you are wearing knee high boots or high heel sandals with lot of straps around, it may not possible to take them off every now and then. In such a scenario you may not be able to do stretching, but you can rotate foot by still wearing the shoes.

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6      Avoid locking the pointed heel on chair legs or table cross bar

This is another ‘hobby’ of high heel ladies – ‘locking’ the pointed heel on chair legs or table cross bar or table legs! This ‘hobby’ can create unnecessary scratches on the sides of the heels and can even cause permanent damage to the outer material eventually. If you are exerting more pressure while you are ‘locking’ the heel like this, it can damage the internal structure of the high heels as well. It is always better to avoid such ‘hobbies’!

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