Is ‘Orkut’ coming back?



Orkut coming as ‘Hello’

Do you remember Orkut? Before facebook became popular ‘Orkut’ used to be the social media site. It was shut down in 2014 as it failed competition with facebook. Also google+ did not work out well.  Now it has been learned that google is investing in the ex-googlers start up and one of them is ‘hello’ by the same founder as Orkut. The newer version Orkut is expected to come in form of ‘Hello’ which is going to be an app. This time it is supposed to be a more picture based application Why google is making such investment?

May be they will acquire them in future also Google is simply trying to keep former engineers close and spread its reach in Silicon Valley at the same time. ‘Hallo’ is available in many countries including USA, Canada, England etc. It will be in india as well shortly.

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