Mobile phone use and driving – It may be dangerous than you think



We all know it is dangerous to use mobile phones when driving. We may think that we are in ‘total control’ of the vehicle while using mobile phone, it takes only 4 seconds to cause an accident if our attention is distracted. Most of the countries and states have banned mobile phone use while driving.

Thought fumbling with the cell phone itself was a more dangerous activity than your conversation? Think again

It has been found that, even the thoughts raised while talking over phone can cause accidents. It may be often as reaction to panic or surprising news. Lot of people are even unaware of traffic signal.

Is hands free better?

 Hands-free may be less dangerous, but if you are emotionally engaged in a conversation, it may have same effects as a hand-held device if the same amount of distraction is caused by the conversation. Given the fact that most studies have concurred that cell phones pose a threat to safety because of the behaviors they inspire, it is in keeping with the fact that most actual crashes were not the direct result of cell phone use. However, the huge increase in incidents is largely instigated by manual cell phone manipulation, with passenger interaction a close second.

More Radiation?

While driving, your cell phone is trying to connect with different towers as phone is constantly moving from location to location. This causes phone to work ‘extra hard’ and that would result in more radiation which could be even more harmful. So more reasons not to use your cell phone during driving? Also Read on mobile phone and cancer

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