How to walk properly in high heels


lady-in-strappy-high-heelsMany ladies want to wear high heels to gain advantages which come with wearing them. But unfortunately many of them find it difficult to walk properly by wearing heels. First of all we need to keep in mind that wearing high heels and walking is a bit different from walking in flat sandals. By taking certain precautions, we would be able to walk effortlessly wearing heels.

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1     Maintain proper posture

Unfortunately, many women do not maintain the proper posture when walking in heels. A woman needs to stand upright almost as if she was being held up by a string. This may be difficult at first, but if you practice regularly it comes natural to you.

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2     Walk heel to toe

The ideal way to walk in high heels is from heel to toe, with a slight exaggerated sway of the hips. Many ladies try to walk on the balls of their feet. This can lead to injury and actually makes it harder to walk in heels. Trust your pointy heels and share the load to the heels as well, and not just toes!

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3     Practice in front of a mirror

In order to walk properly, a woman should practice in front of a mirror, especially if you are wearing high heels for the first time or wearing a new pair of heels. It is easier to get the right posture down walking slowly. The wearer can then speed up the pace when she gets used to the right stride.

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4     Strengthen leg muscles

Strengthening one’s core and leg muscles can also make it easier to walk in high heels. In fact if you wear medium heel footwear regularly, your leg muscles would gradually strengthen on its own.

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5     Start with low heel footwear

If a lady does not feel comfortable walking in very high heels, she can start off with a kitten heel and gradually increase the height of the heel as she becomes more comfortable in them.

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Wearing very high heels regularly can cause injury. This is especially true of heels that are more than four inches in height. Experts recommend alternating high heels with flats to help avoid injury.

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