How High-Heels can boost your career growth


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Women love high heels and of course with right reasons. But working ladies like you, may not be fully capitalising on what the ubiquitous high heels can do to boost your career growth. We are collating some of the important reasons why wearing high heels to work can help you in furthering your career.

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1      High heels make you feel more confident at work

When you wear high heels you naturally feel more confident. This in turn reflects in your work. When your increased confidence reflects in your work it produces better outcome.

Better outcome from your work enhances your career prospects. Who don’t want to be appreciated by the boss on good work. At the same time it is important to choose ‘foot-friendly’ high heels so that your feet don’t end up in pain at the end of the day.


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2      You will be radiating confidence when in heels

You will not be just confident on your own, rather you will be radiating the confidence around you. Your colleagues will get a real feeling that you are confident, even before you talking to them. Walking in heels in itself is a display of confidence. Colleagues will look up to you to be led by you. Of course you may need to take care to walk in the right way when wearing heels so as to make maximum impact.

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3      Increased height changes the power equation with colleagues

We all know high heels add a few inches to your height. Being taller obviously changes the power equation with colleagues.

This changes the approach of your colleagues towards you. You will be seen in a more favourable light. Though your height may increase with the increase in heel height, it may be a good idea to find out your ideal heel height and stick to it.

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4      Better first impression when walking into a meeting in heels

You look better when wearing heels. On top of it, your radiating confidence gives you better first impression when you walk into a meeting.

As mentioned above you may need to check if you are walking in the right way when wearing high heels.


5      Upright posture due to high heels creates better impression throughout

When you wear high heels your posture becomes upright.

You have the option of walking upright even when you wear other types of shoes. But when you wear high heels, it is virtually impossible not to walk upright. So it becomes natural to walk upright when in heels. This obviously creates better impression throughout.

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6      High heels draw attention to you even before you start making your points

Getting enough attention to you is important to make your points listened to. High heels help you to draw attention towards you even before you start making your points. This effectively improves the probability of your points being listened to and taken seriously.

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At the same time you may need to take some precautions to protect your feet when wearing high heels.

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