How to be more comfortable in High Heels



Women love to wear high heels, of course due to the right reasons. At the same time it is not always comfortable to walk in high heels. This is especially true when you wear 4 inch or higher heels or walk for an extended duration. Here we are discussing what you can do to be more comfortable high heels.

1     Pick the right pair of high heels

Firstly, the most important factor when purchasing high heels is the fit. The fit is critical. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous they are, buying a pair of shoes which is one size too small or too big is a big mistake. You won’t feel or look comfortable and it’s not worth the pain. The size is simply indisputable.

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2      Choose the height of heels by considering your schedule for the day
A 4 inch (or higher) heel is not the best choice if you are planning to go shopping or run around all day. But if you are attending a function where you are likely to spend most of your time seated, this height is more manageable.

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3      Try out platform shoes

Platform shoes provide comfort and height. It will look elegant as well.

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4      Make sure to moisturise your feet regularly 

You should consider moisturising your feet before wearing heels. This helps to keep your feet soft and smooth. Also help in pushing your feet into a closed type heels easily.


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5      Don’t forget to take care of your feet

Moisturise your tired feet again before going to bed and if you can, for at least 5 minutes. This definitely helps to relieve any residual stress from your feet and keep them fresh for the next day!


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6      Don’t wear heels everyday

Indeed, you could have problems such as ingrown toenails for instance, in the future. Moreover, wearing high heels too often leads to backache. You could wear a low heel footwear on alternate days, to make them ready for wearing heels the next day.

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7      Use your hair dryer!

It may sound crazy but it is our secret advice! When you purchase a pair of leather high heels that you have not yet worn, this is what you should do. Wear the shoes, and then warm them up with your hair dryer. Keep a minimum distance of 25 centimeter between your feet and the hair dryer to avoid deforming or spoiling your shoes. After 20 seconds, the leather will be softer and your feet will be more comfortable and of course will feel more comfortable!

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