Types of high heels to wear when taking kids for a walk



When you take small kids for a walk you may need to wear shoes which are more stable. You might be having a penchant for high heels and may want to wear heels while taking kids for a walk as well. Don’t worry, we are here to help you find the right kind of high heels you can wear in this situation. In addition to stability you need to choose some very sturdy rough-use type shoes in this case. Read below for full details.

1      Prefer chunky heels

Better go for chunky (thicker) heel shoes. It will have broader base for the heel, thereby increasing stability. If the kids are so small and if you are carrying them in your hands, choose lower heel height in addition to choosing chunky heels. If the kids are older and running around, you can choose slightly more heel height. Having said this, make sure that you are really comfortable to run around in that heel height.

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How to walk in high heels on uneven surfaces


When you are stepping out you cannot always expect a flat and clean surface to walk on. You may have to walk on grass lawn when you are attending a wedding reception, you may need to walk on mud / sand when you go to some country side, you may need to climb up on a slanting surface, climb down on the same, may need to walk over some obstacles etc. Suppose you are facing these difficulties when you are wearing your favourite high heels. You do not wish to strain your feet unnecessarily and at the same time do not want to ruin your favourite shoes. Then the following points would be of help to you.

1      Maintain your posture

Irrespective of the type of obstacle, maintain your proper posture. It is essential to keep a straight up stance, belly in and shoulders up. If you slouch, you may lose your balance. You may exercise your abdominal muscles. This will give you extra strength to the body and make walking in challenging heels and situations easier. This will also make your figure better!

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How to walk in heel-less high heels


Heel-less high heels are not so common but do exist. Walking in heel-less high heels require some amount of additional practice even for the regular high heel wearers. Having said this, it is not so difficult as we think at first. Here we are discussing some of the important points you may need to keep in mind while walking in heel-less heels.


1      Walk on the ball of the foot

Since there is no heel for this kind of shoes you will have to walk on the ball of your foot. Even otherwise, walking in high heels requires you to give emphasis to the ball of foot, though you would be walking heel-to-toe. Here in this case you need to literally walk on the ball of foot. This is not that difficult if you practice. If you wear high heels regularly, it’s just a matter of time you will become master of heel-less high heels as well!

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How to be comfortable working in high heels


As we all know high heels can boost your career growth. However it may not be always so easy work comfortably in high heels. If we take some precautions we can increase the comfort level and work without any difficulties even when you wear ultra high stilettos. The points we discuss here will help you to work comfortably while wearing high heels.

1      Take the high heels off if sitting at desk

If you are sitting at your desk it is better to take off the high heels and be comfortable. If you are frequently moving in and out of your cabin or cubicle do not take them off because it would be difficult every time to take off and put on. But if sitting at desk for at least half an hour in a stretch, simply take off the heels, give your feet some breathing space, wiggle your toes, rotate your feet and relax them while doing your work.

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How to walk down the stairs in high heels


Walking down the stairs may be more difficult than walking up in them. So practice well at home before you walk in stairs in public places while wearing high heels. You may need to take a few precautions while walking down the stairs in high heels. And some of these precautions are different from the ones which you should focus on while walking up the stairs in heels. Read on.


1      Focus on putting more weight on the ball of the foot

This is in fact a general principle while walking in heels. However you would be placing the heel first on the ground when walking on the floor though emphasis is on the ball of the foot. But when walking down the stairs you would be placing the ball of the foot on the lower step first and then the heel. But after some practice nobody would be able to recognize you are placing the ball of the foot first on the step.

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What types of high heels to wear while attending job interview

woman sitting

As we all know we cannot take risk in choosing the outfit to wear while attending a job interview. We have to create the best impression with our dressing in addition to the performance in the interview. Your choice of high heels play an important role in walking into the interview room with confidence. Read below to find out what are the types of heels to wear while going for the much awaited interview.

1      Classic black high heel pumps

Black leather high heel pumps are classic choice while attending job interview. Nobody will raise any eye brows if you walk into the interview room with a pair of well polished leather pumps at your feet.

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Types of high heels to wear while driving


If you prefer to drive in heels, you may need to take certain precautions while driving. In general, avoid driving if you are wearing high heels which are taller than your natural heel height. Another general point is, if you find it difficult to walk comfortably and fast enough in a particular pair of your high heels, avoid driving in them. Also if you are not confident enough to drive in a particular pair of shoes, drive slowly for a few days till you gain confidence in driving in those shoes. Here we are discussing the types of high heels you can wear while driving, subject to your personal confidence level in those heels. (Note: This article applies to you only if you are in a location where driving in high heels is legally permissible.)


1      Prefer wedge heels

Wedge high heels with your natural heel height or lesser is an ideal choice for driving if you prefer to drive in high heels. You would be able to rest your heel on the floor of the car and comfortably control the pedals. Wedge heels, in general, will have broader base unlike stilettos. This will make them more comfortable for you to rest your feet on while driving. Most of the time only one pedal will be in action, and you may need to rest your other foot comfortably. Fully covered wedge shoes or wedge sandals with back strap as well, are good choices in this case.

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Types of high heels to wear while going on honeymoon trip


Honeymoon trip is an occasion in which the partners would (and should, in fact) try to be as attractive as possible to each other. High heels play a big role in making the female attractive to her partner. But all types of heels cannot play that role during a honeymoon trip. Here we are discussing the types of high heels you can wear to make you more attractive to your partner and also to be more comfortable roaming around in them.


1      Prefer high heel sandals to closed shoes

If weather allows, go for high heel sandals than fully closed shoes. Sandals expose the beauty of your feet and also the painted toe nails. During honeymoon trip you don’t need to hesitate to flaunt the beautifully painted toe nails, of course! And if any art work is done on your feet (like mehendi or tattoo) you can flaunt them as well.

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