How to choose fashion high heels



Fashion high heels are largely designed by keeping the latest fashion trends in mind. Comfort, quality of the material etc. may be taking a back seat in many cases. So it is worthwhile to take some precautions while buying fashion high heels. Below are some of the important points you can keep in mind while choosing them.


1      Choose reasonably comfortable shoes

Normally when we see a pair of fashionable high heels, we forget about the comfort and buy those heels. But later, due to the lack of comfort we avoid wearing them, and they catch dust in the shoe rack. This is wastage of money. So give at least the minimum level of importance to comfort even when we give greater emphasis on style quotient while buying fashion high heels.

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How to walk up the stairs in high heels


Walking in high heels up the stairs is tricky. Walking on flat surfaces in heels in itself is not so easy. So definitely much more care need to be taken while you climb up the staircase in heels. In general, you need to use hand rails while in heels when walking up the stairs. Another general point is to place only the ball of the foot on the step while going up the staircase in heels (while coming down it is different). There are exceptions, of course, when wearing different types of heels. Here we are discussing what are the specific points you need bear in mind when in different types of heels and going up.


1      Wearing ultra high stilettos

Wearing ultra high heels and that too stilettos is less stable, so extra care is required. If your calf muscles (especially Achilles tendon) and foot muscles (Plantar fascia) are not strong enough, the situation could be worse. This is because the heel of the shoe may move down very much when it is hanging over the step, in this case. Remember you are placing only the ball of the foot on the staircase step when going up. The heel going down is ok to a bit. But if the heel tip goes much lower, it may lock the shoe to the step temporarily and prevent the free movement of your foot. It can even make you stumble. If the height difference between two steps of the staircase is very less, you can place the entire shoe on the steps to climb.

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How to run in high heels without falling down


There may be situations wherein you may need to run in high heels. This may happen while trying to catch a train or running after your kid or trying to escape from something. In those circumstances it is not enough being able to walk very well in high heels. Rather you may need to run in them, and that too very fast at times. Here we are discussing how you can run in your high heels without falling down and that too without causing much damage to your shoes.

1      Maintain your proper posture

Before starting running stand up straight and place your hands about 6 centimeter (2.4 inch) away from both of your sides. You can point your palms to the floor and flex your fingers horizontal to the floor. Keep your neck and shoulders up. Shoulders should be slightly backwards (but overall body forward). Your stomach a little tensed up, not fully relaxed. Your butt too. Avoid looking at the ground right in front of you, unless absolutely necessary. Looking the ground will make your head turning down and will push your stomach back and make your back slouch. Your posture will be ruined and you would not be properly balanced in this case. So look ahead.

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This is how to maintain your leather high heels


High heels, especially leather heels can be quite expensive. So it’s always worth taking the extra effort to maintain them properly. Moreover leather can get damaged faster if not maintained properly. There are of course different ways to take care of high heels. However taking good care of leather high heels is different from maintaining other types of heels. Here we are discussing what are the steps you can undertake to maintain your fabulous leather high heels to make them last long like brand new. Better heels give the well deserved facelift for your feet every time you wear them!

1      Always keep them clean

The most important step in maintaining your heels is to keep them clean. Though we all know this, most of us don’t put much effort to keep our shoes clean. Even if our shoes catch some dust or dirt we don’t care much, especially when they are not so visible. But this habit is the worst enemy of our high heels. You can use a soft brush to remove all the dust and dirt from them. Then clean them with a damp cloth. You can also use vinegar to clean leather shoes. Put a few drops of vinegar in a cotton cloth wipe the heels with the cloth. You may need to do the cleaning every day when you are back home.

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How to stand when you are in high heels


If you happen to stand for the whole day while wearing high heels, it could be stressful for your feet. In such circumstances you may need to take the following precautions to prevent foot pain as well as damage to your fabulous high heels. If you have foot pain at the end of the day you can very well relieve the foot pain after getting back home.

1      Keep your feet shoulder distance apart

Keeping your feet at shoulder distance apart provides comfort to your legs and especially your feet. This is the most stable and comfortable posture when you stand at ease. In this posture there will be minimal lateral pressure on your feet and high heels.

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Buying ‘foot-friendly’ high heels – full guide


Wearing high heels is a fashion statement. Of course there are compelling reasons for being in heels which can even help grow your career. Though there are several advantages for high heels, you may need to take some precautions to ensure that they are friendly to your feet. Here we are discussing how we can go about it.


1      Select best-fitting high heel

We all know that we have to find out the best fitting shoes for our feet. But the moment we find something really fashionable, comfort and right fit takes back seat. Sacrificing on fitting and comfort for fashion is the biggest pitfall we all fall into from time to time. So selecting the best-fitting high heel is a point worth mentioning again and again! By using certain techniques, you can very well find if a particular pair of heels are right fit for you.

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