How to sit when wearing high heels



There are many discussions on how to walk when wearing high heels. But there are very less discussions on how to sit when in heels. Lot of precautions need to be taken when sitting while wearing heels. This is to prevent damage to your fabulous high heels as well as to protect your feet. Here we are discussing some of the ways you can sit when you are adorning your feet with great high heels.

1      Sit with legs crossed

It is very difficult keep your feet in a slanting position while sitting, especially when you are wearing ultra high heels. But if you are crossing one of your legs over the other you would feel more comfortable. The foot which is on the floor would be pressed down and would be more stable. Moreover you would be able to move the crossed leg freely and relax. You can also do some mild stretching exercise for the foot when you are sitting with one leg crossing over the other. Medical tip: Sitting cross legged for a long time in a stretch may not be good for your spine. So alternate between sitting crossing the legs and without. You can also take a short walk in between if you choose.

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Most suitable high heels for walking


High heels catapult yourself into a higher orbit in terms of style quotient. The reasons for wearing high heels are many including boosting your career growth. However all types of high heels may not be giving you the same kind of freedom and comfort to your feet while walking. Here we are discussing the types of heels which are most suitable for you if your day involves largely walking.

1      Prefer heels with your natural heel height or lesser

Walking would be straining your feet a lot if you wear high heels with heel height greater than your natural heel height. If your day involves largely sitting taller high heels may not be much of a problem. So it is worthwhile to measure your natural heel height and stay within that limit.

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Suitable high heels if you are sitting for most of the time


Women have right reasons for wearing high heels, especially because heels can even boost your career growth. Having said this, wearing heels taller than your natural heel height on a regular basis can cause foot pain. Of course you can prevent foot pain by taking certain precautions and you can relieve the pain if it happens. Here we are discussing some of the types of high heels if your day involves sitting for most of the time.

1      Stilettos

Stilettos are highly attractive, but are less stable while walking. So these heels are very much suitable for those occasions when you are mostly supposed to sit. Stilettos make you look very lean and tall. You will look much taller than the height you gained due to the high heels. You will look more elegant.

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Types of high heels to wear if standing for the whole day


High heels enhance your style quotient, there is no doubt about it. High heels can boost your career growth as well. However if you end up standing for the whole day, you may need to choose your high heels a bit carefully. Here we are discussing some of the types of high heels you may wear on such occasions. This may help to prevent foot pain as well.


1      Prefer chunky (thicker) heel

Chunky heels give better stability for your high heels. This will reduce lateral pressure on your feet while standing. You would feel more comfortable in your heels if thicker heels are chosen.

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How to be more stable in your high heels


Smart ladies loves to wear high heels, of course due to right reasons. As you are aware, high heels can even boost your career growth. Even though high heels have so many advantages like this, being in high heels is not as easy as being in flat shoes. Decreased stability is one of the side effects of wearing high heels. Here we are discussing how we can be more stable and at the same time not compromising on style, when in high heels.


1      Have a thicker heel – the more narrow the heel, the more unstable

Thicker (chunky) heel enhances stability significantly. Narrow heels may be lesser stable than heels which have broader base. You can even go for wedge heels. However, since the wedge high heels are not flexible you may find it less comfortable to take walks in them unless they are slip-on wedge sandals.

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