How to choose formal high heels


How to choose formal high heels

Wearing high heels to work definitely enhances your professional look. At the same time, does every type of high heels do this value addition to your professional attire? The answer is both yes and no. It largely depends on the work environment of the organization you work with. Here we are discussing some of the types of high heels which can significantly enhance your professional look.

1      Black leather pumps

These are classic work shoes. If you are having any doubt on which type of heels are suitable in particular environment, you can go for a pair of black leather stiletto pumps. Nobody will raise any eyebrows on the suitability this type of heels in office irrespective of the work culture of the company.

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Why wearing flat shoes can damage your feet

Wearing flat shoes can damage feet

Killer heels have a bad reputation. High heels are often blamed for creating problems such as foot pain, toe deformities, Achilles tendonitis etc. But did you ever know that flat shoes can be really damaging for your feet? Here we are discussing some of the reasons why flat shoes are causing damage to your feet.

1      Lack of arch support

This is the single most important problem in flat shoes. 90% of the flat shoes in the market for women are having absolutely zero arch support. If the shoe does not have arch support you may try to use some shoe inserts to get adequate arch support.

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High Heels or Flat Shoes – which to go for?

woman-in-white-dress-high-heels-3High heels or flat shoes? This is a question which comes to every modern woman’s mind daily morning. Is there a straight answer to this question? Unfortunately NO! There are plus points and minus points for both types of shoes. It is important to look at what type of activity you are going to undertake on that day, to decide which type of shoes to go for. Depending on the activity you undertake different aspects take priority.

1      Stability – flat shoes and medium heels

In terms of stability, flat shoes and medium heels may be scoring higher than high heels but there are more stable high heels as well. If you are looking for a great amount of stability in a particular day, you can go for flat shoes on that day. Medium heels are also relatively stable, especially the wedge heels.

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Type of high heels to wear while meeting clients


If your work involves meeting clients, at your office or client’s office, on a regular basis, you may need to choose your high heels more carefully. Definitely high heels can boost your career growth and get new business as well if you get your choice of heels right. Here we are discussing the types of high heels you can wear while heading for a client meeting.

1      Prefer formal black pumps

Formal black pumps are the classic high heels which you can wear to any business environment. If you are confused on which type of heels to wear, these are the ones to go for when you are set to meet clients. You will be the most confident in black leather pumps when you meet the client.
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How to prevent foot pain due to high heels


High heels enhances your style quotient multiple times in no time. However, if you are wearing heels on a regular basis it can lead to foot pain and other problems. If you are wearing ultra high heels even one day, it may lead to foot pain. So do you need to go back to flat shoes to prevent foot pain? No, the good news is – you don’t need to give-up high heels altogether to prevent foot pain. Only thing is that you need to choose some foot friendly high heels. Read below some of the guidelines you may keep in mind while choosing high heels while stepping out.


1      Wear right size high heels

Wearing the high heels of right size is the single most important step to prevent foot pain. If you are wearing a wrong size it can even affect your walking and posture as well. Wrong size heels can cause injury and may be even long term damage to your feet. So always resist to temptation to buy wrong size high heels however fashionable they may be!

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What type of high heels to wear while attending business conference

High heels for business conference

Wearing high heels to a business conference enhances your professional look. It also adds value in networking with other attendees of the conference. As you are aware, there are compelling reasons for wearing high heels, and the heels can even boost your career growth. Having said this, we may need to strike a balance between being fashionable and being elegant when in a conference. Here we are discussing the types of high heels you can wear when you are heading to a business conference.

1      Black pumps

Black leather pumps are the classic business high heels. You will look the most elegant in them, without doubt. Wearing the pumps of your natural heel height will make you the most comfortable while walking around and networking during the conference.

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How to measure your ‘natural’ heel height

How to find out 'natural' heel height

Women love to wear high heels, of course due to obvious reasons. The ubiquitous high heels can even boost your career growth. However it is not always comfortable to be in heels especially when the heel height is more. So, is there a magic formula to find out the heel height you would be most comfortable with and natural? Here we are discussing a method by which you can measure your ‘natural’ heel height.

Back ground

Depending on several factors including the shape of your foot, flexibility, arch height, length etc., your foot has a particular natural incline while in a state of rest. If this is measured, can indicate which heel height would feel most natural and comfortable for you. If you are wearing a pair of heels of ‘natural’ heel height, you would definitely be more comfortable because your feet are at their natural incline and not excessively strained.

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How to clean high heels properly

How to clean high heels

Wearing high heels definitely has advantages. High heels can even boost your career growth. But these advantages are diminished if the high heels are dirty. Wearing not-so-clean high heels can put you in bad light. So cleaning and maintaining high heels properly and that too on a regular basis gives you the natural advantages which comes with heels.

We are discussing some of the steps you can undertake to clean and maintain different types of high heels.

1      Cleaning leather high heels

Process 1

Wipe the high heels with a dry wiping cloth to remove dirt and mud, if any, from the surface of the leather.

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