10 Best practices for wearing high heels

10 Best practices for wearing high heels

Wearing high heels is a fashion statement. Definitely there are compelling reasons to wear heels and high heels can even help boost your career growth. At the same time wearing them everyday can cause some problems as well. Here we are discussing some of the best practices for wearing high heels.

1      Wear only right size high heels

This is probably the single most important aspect in wearing high heels. Many times we are tempted to buy some fashionable heels even when the right size is not available in the store at that moment. Wearing the wrong size heels can cause lot of problems for your feet, such as deformed toes, cuts and bruises etc. There are different ways to verify if you are wearing the right size heels. In case any of your shoes are found to be of wrong size, feel free to keep them aside irrespective of how fashionable they are.

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Make old high heels look new


It is easy to have a good collection of high heels. But if they are not taken care of properly, it may get damaged or at least look really boring. Luckily there are ways to make our old high heels look new. Splits, chips, scuffs, scrapes and rips are common high heel problems that can all be rectified at home. By following some simple steps you can give an old pair of heels a loving little face lift.

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How to relieve foot pain from wearing high heels


Yes there are compelling reasons to wear high heels. However, if you are wearing high heels every day, especially 4 inch heels and above, it may create some problems as well. One of such problems is foot pain. Here we are discussing how we can relieve foot pain after you have worn the high heels all day long.

High Heels

1      Sit on bed and pull back toes

Sit in your bed with your legs stretched forward. Then use your hands to gently pull back toes until stretch is felt throughout the bottom of the foot. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this 3-5 times on each foot.

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How ‘dressing up’ can increase your confidence?


Everyone know dressing up means wear trendy and fashionable clothes, but it means more than that. It’s all about feeling good about what you are wearing about, feeling self-assured. The feel is most important, if we change the way we dress, the we way we feel will change. It will make you feel good inside , more energy and treat others better. You can boost your attitude, self confidence and also feel good about what you are wearing, if you do the following

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How to be more comfortable in High Heels


Women love to wear high heels, of course due to the right reasons. At the same time it is not always comfortable to walk in high heels. This is especially true when you wear 4 inch or higher heels or walk for an extended duration. Here we are discussing what you can do to be more comfortable high heels.

1     Pick the right pair of high heels

Firstly, the most important factor when purchasing high heels is the fit. The fit is critical. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous they are, buying a pair of shoes which is one size too small or too big is a big mistake. You won’t feel or look comfortable and it’s not worth the pain. The size is simply indisputable. Continue reading