Do you want ‘WhatsApp’ not to share your phone number with ‘Facebook’? Make this setting change


What is shared between WhatsApp and Facebook?

WhatsApp recently changed their ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy policy’ that allow them to share your phone number with parent company facebook. Company claims this allow better targeted ads. The updated policy says the phone number and when you used WhatsApp will be shared. You don’t want this and need a solution? Continue reading

Is ‘Orkut’ coming back?


Orkut coming as ‘Hello’

Do you remember Orkut? Before facebook became popular ‘Orkut’ used to be the social media site. It was shut down in 2014 as it failed competition with facebook. Also google+ did not work out well.  Now it has been learned that google is investing in the ex-googlers start up and one of them is ‘hello’ by the same founder as Orkut. The newer version Orkut is expected to come in form of ‘Hello’ which is going to be an app. This time it is supposed to be a more picture based application Why google is making such investment? Continue reading

Mobile phone use and driving – It may be dangerous than you think


We all know it is dangerous to use mobile phones when driving. We may think that we are in ‘total control’ of the vehicle while using mobile phone, it takes only 4 seconds to cause an accident if our attention is distracted. Most of the countries and states have banned mobile phone use while driving.

Thought fumbling with the cell phone itself was a more dangerous activity than your conversation? Think again

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18 Android phones with best selfie camera


We all love to take selfies, especially when we meet our friends or relatives or even the colleagues. But many phones are not having good selfie camera (front camera). So we searched through the entire list of Android phones to find out the phones with best selfie camera. We found the below mentioned ones, for your easy reference.

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Phone                                              Front camera resolution         Price(Rs)*

1    Sony Xperia XA Ultra Dual                       16 MP                                          27,350

2   Oppo F1 Plus                                                 16 MP                                          24,999

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Will all ‘Pokemons’ disappear from the map soon?


Ever since the launch of Pokemon Go, there has been lot of reports about accidents and trespassing cases. Players chase the monsters while driving or into neighbors homes without permission. Also it has lead to dangerous situation to players. As a result, some people requested to remove Pokemons from their vicinity and they take help of some cyber solutions company. How does impact the game and players?

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Are you an autodidact? Check to find out


It has never been more important to grow your own knowledge base. Here is what a self directed learning can teach you. Most self-direct learners have a predisposition for independent thought and creative problem solving. You might think that you need to hear a lecture rather than reading a book, usually the most effective way for us to learn is based on the natural of material being taught. Continue reading

In Tech industry and under chronic stress? Do these to help cut it down

A lonely businessman with head in hands.

According to the American Psychological Association, there are three types of stress – Acute, Episodic acute and chronic. Acute stress occurs as response to daily demanding jobs and symptoms are tension headache, anxiety and stomach issues. Episodic means people are always in a state of chronic activity, always tense and irritating to them. What is chronic stress? Continue reading

Pokemon Go – How to play in India and challenges with it

PokeMon download

Even though ‘Pokemon Go’ is not yet released in India, the game APK is available for download. Once you change your phone settings->security->Unknown sources to ‘Allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources’ , you will be able to download APK and install the game. But mind that this potentially creates malware risks as it is not authorized by google. So we recommend to wait for official release of the game in ‘playstore’.

More importantly, what are the challenges in playing this game in outdoors in India? Continue reading

Psychological aspects of pokemon GO

pokemon Go

Compared to other virtual reality games, pokemon Go is involved in ‘actual environment’. This helps our mind to be in a familiar environment of cognitive fluency which means people prefer things that are easier to think about. Playing games in familiar environment is more enjoyable and attractive. What makes ‘Pokemon’ better compared to virtual reality games? Continue reading