10 useful FREE Android Apps


Most of us want to get more out of our phones. After all we have spent a lot of our hard earned money on it. But many of us wonder how to do that.

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We are listing 10 highly useful apps for Android phones, as below. These apps helps you to do a lot of things automatically or in a better manner. Isn’t it good for you?

1      Gravity Gestures

Gravity Gestures

This app allows you to launch four apps or functions of your choice with gestures. These gestures usually take the form of a couple of quick rotations of your phone. They’re fast and intuitive to do and in many cases can be a lot quicker than looking for an icon on your home screens.  Continue reading

10 Things you may not know about online safety and security

internet security

Anything that connected to the internet, including mobile devices and tablets need to be protected. Here are a few IMPORTANT things you should be aware about internet security and online shopping

  1. Do not make online shopping from free wi-fi hotspots as it may require to login to bank accounts/provide credit card information
  2. Disable wi-fi and blue tooth when not in use
  3. Make strong passwords – create them as sentence with at least 12 characters
  4. Do not use same password for different accounts
  5. Create two step authentication – Like get SMS to your mobile to authorize transaction
  6. You should be alert on emails that ask you to act very quickly / open attachments in them
  7. Be wary of emails about credit card problems or account status
  8. Caution about offers way below normal price
  9. Use credit cards over bank accounts – if a product is not delivered, you can ask credit from issuer.
  10. Last, but not the least, keep you anti-virus software up-to date.

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How many visitors to website need to make a living?

How many visitors, comments, subscribers, likes, shares etc you need to make a living out of your website?

While there is no definite answer to above question, we can make some “guestimates”. It s partially up to you to how much traffic you will need to reach out your income goals.

How many visitors you will need is commonly the the first question. Well, that will depend on how much revenue your site will ear per click.Here are a few tips

  1. Build a “massive” site so you can attract advertisers : Typical rates an advertiser will pay you $5 for 1000 views, depending on the size of your site, content, visitors demographics etc. So wants to earn $1000 a month, you need to attract 200,000 visitors per month. This is an awful effort, ah? For smaller sites this may not be an option as advertisers need to attract large audience. So what are other options?

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10 Ways to increase traffic to your website

Who does not want to increase traffic to their websites or blogs and even make a living out of it? Here are a few ways to increase traffic to your website.
  1. Promotion: However unique and solid is the content of your website, without promoting it nobody comes to know about it. Use “paid search” , social media advertising and display advertising are excellent ways to promote your site. Twitter, facebook etc has this option to promote your website
  2. Write irresistible headlines: Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread. Headlines are most important and are the ones that drives most traffic, so think a lot before you hit publish
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing your content for search engine is still a valuable practice. Optimize for one page content and add internal links
  4. Long-Tail keywords: Long-tail keywords account for a majority of websites.
  5. Invite Others to guest blog on your site. If you have your people in your “niche” invite them to write blog on your own site and they are likely to share the content.
  6. Write reference to other websites.
  7. Make sure your website is fast
  8. Interview industry leaders in your area and post it on your website
  9. Make your site is responsive and make yourself heard in the comments
  10. Last but not the least, keep an eye on the analytics data.

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7 essential Tips for buying earphones / headphones


Ear-phones (or head-phones) have become ubiquitous these days due to the proliferation of smartphones. Some use it for conversation while using phone to avoid cell phone radiation to be near head or some others use it for listening to music.

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Tips for buying microSD card

When you search through the online shopping sites you will see hundreds of options for ear-phones. You might be wondering how you will choose the most suitable one from among them. Read our tips helpful tips below.

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Brief guide to buy furniture online

  1. Research a few websites and see what are the options available which meet your requirement.
  2. Check the dimensions of the furniture and compare it with a furniture at home which has similar dimensions. This would give you feel of how much space it may occupy.
  3. Check if it fits through the door. The dimensions needs to be checked against your door as well, to see if it would come inside when it is delivered. This will not be problem if the furniture is being assembled after delivery.
  4. Compare prices in various online furniture retailers
  5. Check the return policy. The colour, texture, finish etc. of the furniture may look differently in actual than what you see in the computer monitor. If you may need to return the furniture you may need to have an affordable option to do the same.
  6. See if a ‘trial option’ is available, before buying. Some websites like urbanladder.com has recently started offering ‘Try our Sofa’ offer.

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How Robots are changing our world

There has been increasing usage of robots in recent incidents which underlines influence of our daily lives.
In a recent shooting in America a robot bomb was used by USA police . This helped them in not putting their officers’ lives in danger especially in the attack on them.
Another example is Robo Service where giants like McDonald’s use to server food in their restaurants.
Robots used for medical purposes will also dramatically change the way we treat ailments, example is roots engaged in heart surgery are millimeters in size.
Imagine a world where robots are in our service..!

Tips for buying microSD card

A shot of a beautiful black businesswoman texting

The demand for microSD (Secure Digital) card has increased many folds since the mobile camera usage is growing exponentially day by day. Even though most of us need microSD card for our phones, many of us have no idea how to choose the most suitable card for our phone.

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Three major factors need to be considered, (other than price of course ) before buying a micro SD card for your phone.

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Smartphone Terminology Simplified

  1. Application memory – decides how much of applications can be installed in your phone
  2. RAM – decides the size of the ‘play ground’ for the phone to ‘play around’.
  3. GHz – Decides how fast your phone can run
  4. MP – Decides how much clarity, the photos you take with your phone camera, will have.
  5. Screen resolution – Decides how much clarity the phone screen will have when you are viewing photos and applications

Tips for buying External Hard Drive


Using external hard drives has become quite common these days. Some people use it for taking backup of important files and some others use it for storing no-so-frequently-used files. Whatever be the reason for using it, we all use external hard drives very frequently in our day-to-day life.

When external hard drives are so integral to our lives, it is important to know what are the things to be taken care of, while buying them. Some of the tips are given below.

  1. Buy only a brand new External Hard drive

Hard drives (external or internal) works properly only for 4-5 years. After that, it starts to develop disk errors. Then eventually it may become a corrupted drive. Even if you format the drive, the disk errors will crop up again sooner than later. If you buy a second-hand hard drive, you may be buying it almost at the end of its life. Then it will useful for you only for a short period. So it is a better idea to buy a brand new hard drive than a second hand one, if you are looking for storing important files and plan to use the drive for sufficiently long period.

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